Among Us 2 “is one of the most popular games of 2020. Many gamers began playing for hours, disappearing in virtual space. In the original game” Among As “, all players are divided into two teams – crew members and traitors. The guys from peaceful astronauts must do all kinds of missions and prevent disruptions caused by mysterious enemies Traitors, aka imposters, must kill crew members and sabotage the spaceship.

How to play?
In the game “Among As for One Player”, you will constantly play the role of an imposter. Before starting the game, you need to enter your nickname, choose the color of your character and adjust the kill distance. Set it to maximum to kill astronauts at a great distance. Your task is to eliminate all peaceful crew members. To perform actions you need to use the icons in the right corner of the game.

You can move freely around the ship and use the ventilation ducts. This is only available for imposters. Just make sure that while moving through the ventilation you are not declassified and thrown overboard. Chase other players and kill them without anyone seeing them. Otherwise, everyone will know who the traitor is and you will lose. But do not get upset, but rather, repeat the game and become a winner. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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