The long-awaited game Among As update will invariably delight fans of the virtual mafia in space. Users will be happy to move from space to flying ship, with a new map and tasks. If you have already explored the entire territory and locations of the original fun up and down, then it will be interesting for you to try something new.

The most important addition that appeared in the last part of the game is that the maps have become multi-level. Ladders have been added to them, allowing participants to move between different levels of locations. And you can move between distant parts of surfaces on special moving platforms. Funny skins and new visual effects of the murders will impress toy fans.

An innovation will be the choice of the compartment on the airship, where the player will appear after the vote. The developers went to such a step to remove the crowd after each discussion, when the cosmonauts run through the corridors in a crowd. Incredible adventures and investigations await gamers in the Among As update. Find out who the traitor is in your carriage by using the power of deduction and using your own observation. Don’t be fooled!

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