The latest game Among us offers a new version of the gameplay. As we recall, in the original fun on the spaceship, sabotage took place, and a couple of participants turned out to be traitors, killing the rest of the crew. If the honest astronauts did not manage to figure out the killer, they suffered a sad fate. And the impostors in this case won.

In this game, the action takes place after the events described above. The player will play the role of a detective who arrived on an interplanetary ship in order to investigate what happened. He needs to collect all the evidence in Among yu, and after examining them, find the killer. Understanding who was the traitor who killed the entire team is not an easy task. Logical thinking and deductive method should be applied.

And the most important point is that the killer is still somewhere nearby. He can overtake the main character at any moment. To avoid this, you must timely press the “light” button. Then the lights will turn on, and the saboteur will not risk exposing himself. Use the Interactive Explore icon to explore the collected evidence in Among You. An excellent variation on the theme of the toy, popular all over the world, will impress fans of the space mafia genre.

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